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Benefits of Service-Learning There are 1 replies:
Benefits of Service-Learning Original post: Sun 11/6/2016 at 11:06 PM

This article was short, sweet and to the point, it simply stated the different ways that students, faculty and community members benefit from serving others. These lists further exemplify the importance service plays in learning. While I do think serving in partnership with learning is great thing most times, I do think it can be detrimental if it is completely forced. For students that are not used to serving, it can feel like a bad experience if they have no choice in the matter. I really liked the way our quest II class was encouraged to serve. We had a required community service assignment, but we were given the liberty of choosing how we served. That way the students were still learning a valuable lesson in service, but there was also a personal interest in it so students were more invested. 

Re: Benefits of Service-Learning Posted: Mon 11/7/2016 at 8:23 AM, in reply to Lexi N. Pauls

The article was very good at getting to the point, and providing the reasons that serving helps others including students, faculty, and the community itself. I think that your right I don't think forcing students to do service, is really going to get through to them the importance of the situation and the learning opportunity, instead it creates a hostility, that might otherwise not been there. Service is in the spirit of giving and forcing students to do this, will make it more difficult for them to want to do service work.