The mission of Bethany College is to educate, develop,
and challenge individuals to reach for truth and excellence
as they lead lives of faith, learning and service.


All people who share in the Bethany Experience are united
by our core values of Integrity, Hospitality, Community,
Servant Leadership, Sustainability, and Excellence.
Students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and friends
experience and practice these values which are
at the heart of Bethany.

  • Integrity. Integrity is both personal and communal as we seek knowledge, strive for understanding, and carry out Bethany's mission. As we aspire to excellence in all that we do, we remain faithful to Bethany's identity and our calling to "inspired learning and informed faith."
  • Hospitality. Hospitality encompasses the genuine care, grace, and generosity that is shared among all those who come in contact with Bethany. Recognizing that each person is a child of God, all who enter Bethany's community learn to live more gratefully and faithfully.
  • Community. Community is formed at Bethany as we bring our diverse gifts and talents together for our common mission and purpose. Because we care deeply about one another, share a sense of personal and social responsibility, and seek to communicate openly and honestly, our relationships are marked by mutual respect, forgiveness, and trust.
  • Servant Leadership. Leadership that is grounded in service liberates all who work and study at Bethany to be skilled, empathic listeners; to develop problem-solving skills; and to embrace the challenge of guiding others. As we seek to be servants first, our motivation for leadership grows out of our commitment to the common good.
  • Sustainability. Sustainability is our stewardship of all aspects of the Bethany community both now and for future generations. Bethany's policies, campus, and people are attuned to the judicious use of resources in order to care for all of God's creation.
  • Excellence. Excellence is the standard by which we will evaluate all that we do for our students and our community. Our continued pursuit of excellence in all that we do will assure that Bethany is an outstanding institution.


At Bethany College, we value individuals and believe in community. We know every human being is worthwhile, can make valuable contributions in the world, and is responsible for doing so. Working together in service to one another builds character, deepens relationships, improves our quality of life, and brings meaning to life.

If you choose to join the Bethany community as a student, you can expect...

  • personal attention within a caring community;
  • active learning and meaningful practical experience – in and beyond the classroom;
  • an educational experience that prepares you for a life and career of consequence;
  • to be an active participant in your own education and in the life of the college;
  • to be a part in something bigger than yourself. 


Bethany College will be celebrated in the Midwest and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) for offering inspired learning and informed faith that result in student success and community transformation.

These guiding principles were adopted by the Bethany College Board of Directors in May 2017.