There are 24 members of this Course (2 Faculty, 22 Students).
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Batman, Zachary A Zachary A Batman Students
Boden, Caitlin A. Caitlin A. Boden Students
Cantin, Noah J. Noah J. Cantin Students
Clark, Alexander J Alexander J Clark Students
Daniel, Anita J. Anita J. Daniel Students
Daniel, Nile D. Nile D. Daniel Students
Endsley, Elizabeth A. Elizabeth A. Endsley Students
Gaeddert, Ashley G. Ashley G. Gaeddert Students
Girao Colofatti Barbosa, Andre Andre Girao Colofatti Barbosa Students
Gregg, Jurnee M. Jurnee M. Gregg Students
Martin, Angie Angie Martin Faculty
McCormick, Chanelle M. Chanelle M. McCormick Students
Middleton, Bethany J Bethany J Middleton Students
Money, Bryce L. Bryce L. Money Students
Okafor, Lotanna E Lotanna E Okafor Students
Rosey, Carly B. Carly B. Rosey Students
Shoemaker, Jeffrey B Jeffrey B Shoemaker Students
Slipke, Landon M. Landon M. Slipke Students
Smucker, Noah A. Noah A. Smucker Students
Stewart, Paige C. Paige C. Stewart Students
Stringer, Kimberly M. Kimberly M. Stringer Students
Turnquist-Steed, Melody K. Melody K. Turnquist-Steed Faculty
Warne, Amber Christine Amber Christine Warne Students
Willis, Jeffrey R. Jeffrey R. Willis Students